Let’s talk stainless steel

Your job at Hinke

As a successful family-run business with internationally renowned expertise in stainless steel vessel fabrication, we rely on your talent and your passion. At Hinke, you can look forward to challenging projects that demand professionalism and real team spirit.

If you are passionate about stainless steel, then you will gain the special know-how and practical experience to help you really get ahead. If you want to become part of a team that puts its trust in you from the start and is always there for you, Hinke is the employer you have been looking for.

Do you want to join the Hinke team? There is a range of opportunities and ways to join us. What is your passion and your expertise?


As part of the fabrication facility, you are entrusted with the responsibility of completing demanding tasks. With the support of a strong team, extraordinary challenges and opportunities await you.


As a technician, Hinke offers you creative freedom, prime responsibility for projects and fascinating planning orders.


As a specialist company in a strong industrial segment, we provide the perfect outlet for your commercial talents.


As an apprentice metal technician specialising in steel fabrication, you gain valuable experience from day one and are involved in exciting projects.

Our team players look forward to your commitment and support

IZET - time-served machine grinder
With my experience I put the finishing touches to the stainless steel vessels

DANIEL - 3D designer
Whichever way you look at it, my job gives me great pleasure

ROLAND & DANIEL - technicians
Step by step into a successful and exciting future for all of us at Hinke

PHILIPP - vessel fabricator full of power
Tackling each challenge with energy

FLAMUR - skilled worker
You too can follow a successful career path from apprentice to skilled vessel fabricator

BASTIAN, TOBIAS & DOMINIC – budding vessel fabricators
With team spirit and togetherness, we will become the vessel fabricators of tomorrow, today

We want to inspire our clients. Only then have we met the high standards we set for
ourselves. The strength to achieve this goal comes from the three core values we apply to everything
we do. We wow our customers with the POWER OF HINKE.


Enjoying good teamwork!

Major challenges
weld us together.


Knowing our stuff!

We know
how it’s done.


Doing it right!

We don’t do things
by half.