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  • A-4870 Vöcklamarkt
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  • Good manufacturing practice

Your partner when it comes to professional stainless steel tank construction

Since 1946, Hinke Tankbau has been involved in apparatus engineering and tank construction. We have established partnerships with pharma, chemical, brewing and food tech industries.

Our company, located in Vöcklamarkt near Austria’s picturesque, alpine lake district, is home to a team of 55 employees. Only 60 km north-east of Mozart’s Salzburg, vacationers make rest and relaxation their business while we make industrial tank construction ours.

Successful and sustainable collaboration with our customers is a partnership of equals. Once an offer has been submitted, our experienced project management team will walk you through the order process. Practical experience and a high level of training allow our production team to successfully implement your detailed plans with the support of an independent quality assurance team.

Come see for yourself! We’ll show you what’s possible while delivering quality! We look forward to working with you!