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Planning and manufacturing from a single source.

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We also know: Only when we work together and all of us do our utmost can we develop and manufacture the stainless steel vessels that meet your specific requirements. To achieve this goal, we combine cutting-edge workmanship with tradition, develop new technical solutions and offer quality and top-of-the-range aesthetics under one roof. As a result, we follow a unique process, which has been further developed and refined over the decades, for each project.

From the initial enquiry to on-site installation, we systematically define the process steps – to ensure everything works together seamlessly and no possible optimisation opportunity is missed.”


Offer qualification

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Vessel engineering

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Vessel production

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Acceptance and delivery

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The process flow
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An honest and full assessment of your requirements is crucial for the efficiency and quality of the entire project. Be it a question of design and finishing details, special test specifications or transportation – since we see your stainless steel vessel as an holistic process from the perspective of the finished item, we go through all eventualities and advise you on possible optimisation steps even before we make an offer.


During the engineering phase, we develop and design, with your help and knowledge, a stainless steel vessel that will suit your needs. The extensive experience of our workforce, a high degree of flexibility, excellent communication and project-based time and cost monitoring ensure high project assurance from start to finish.

Decades of experience as well as certified competence are the basis for anticipating and meeting every conceivable requirement already in the initial planning-development stage. You can take our word for it.

Our approvals


Manufacturing stainless steel vessels requires experience and expert knowledge! When you choose Hinke, you are choosing a TÜV-certified company, a highly experienced welding team as well as documented and defined production processes. Careful treatment of the stainless steel, perfect weld seams and the finest surface quality are among our valued performance strengths.

At Hinke, quality starts with the receipt of goods and materials, specifically through the thorough inspection of stainless steel parts by qualified specialists using X-ray fluorescence analysis equipment. This ensures that you really get what the label says! Further highlights of our manufacturing area are the plasma tap hole and the half-pipe welding equipment as well as the sheath rolling machine. The state-of-the-art exterior grinding machine guarantees a homogeneous and extremely appealing exterior appearance. To simulate vessel cleaning as part of a practical test, we use a riboflavin testing rig and test the vessel together with you. Each manufacturing step is carried out by highly experienced, qualified and passionate specialists.

Acceptance and

Our in-house inspections prior to and during the actual production process are extensively and elaborately documented. In addition, extensive TÜV inspections and tests, e.g. X-ray and pressure tests, give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Factory acceptance tests can be carried out entirely at our fabrication facility. Uniquely profiled are the customer tests and documentation as part of our Factory Acceptance Test (FAT), which includes riboflavin tests, dye penetrant tests, dimensional tests and agitator test runs.

Certified quality assurance –
our approvals

Our products and services need to meet the strictest standards. The fact that we work exclusively in accordance with the highest quality standards is underlined by our relevant approvals.